It was over twenty years ago I first fell in love with photography.

I was an interior decorator and designer in those days. I had built a good reputation and was doing some fairly serious domestic interiors and it was then that I decided to buy a Canon SLR and try taking my own shots.

It wasn’t long before I developed my own style and progressively learnt more and more about photography and becoming an authority on property photography. I was greatly influenced by the work of Fritz Von Shulenberg

I became interested in portrait photography from there and had plenty of opportunity to practice with a total of 5 children!

I worked in London with the very talented Bruce Smith and learnt so much from him. He’s been a fashion photographer for nearly 40 years and is such a warm and likeable guy I found it impossible not to cram my head full of Bruce’s wisdom.

Now my property photography uses elements from all of the photographic disciplines that I have mastered but as with everything, one must understand the light of the property. It’s like a living thing which changes and shifts shape throughout the day. Understanding how it will fall at certain times of day can be critical to success or failure. Where there is no light, using the properties own lighting, sometimes supplemented with studio lighting, is the key. Whatever the method, the results have to look natural, warm, alive and inviting.

Here in Chiang Mai there are some amazing properties tucked away and, if you own one of these, please do consider getting professional photographs taken when you are looking to sell. They make a world of difference to a purchaser’s first impression which, in turn, can be the difference between a pass or a viewing and sale.

Resorts, hotels and Spas are also establishments that should be seeking professional and imaginative photographers. There’s too much choice for potential clients and you should be looking to hook them in the internet!

My recent assignments have been in the UK and latterly Phuket and Chiang Mai.