Chiang Mai Real Estate Photography
High Quality & Affordable

Chiang Mai real estste photography – first impressions are so important when you are promoting your property. Professional real estate photos, aerial photos and immersive virtual reality (VR) 360° tours will all help to get your property noticed and sold. Not only that, they show potential buyers that you are serious about selling your property.  Smart phone photos are never acceptable!

Chiang Mai Real Estate Still Photography

James is a seasoned property photographer. For many years he shot nothing but property!

His15 years as an interior designer and 10 years in real estate sales has given him a unique perspective on the shots you need, to get your home noticed.

James knows all the angles and works efficiently to get all the best shots.

  • Top of the range equipment
  • A deep understanding of post processing raw images
  • Years of experience dressing rooms for photography
  • An understanding of how to get the best angles
  • A profound knowledge of what works

Virtual Reality Real Estate Tours – Fully Immersive 360° Property Tours

Virtual Reality or VR for short, is more than just the current trend. It is a unique way for potential buyers to get a real feel for the property, wherever they might be located. Properties have been bought and sold on the back of a virtual tour!

Using special equipment to take multiple images in every room from several different positions, is the start of the process. From there, the images go through a special editing process to turn them into 360° spherical photos. We can also create a 360° aerial photo or photos so that viewers can get a birds-eye view of the property.

After the spheres are created, these are then linked in a special program that allows the viewer to look around, up and down, just as if the viewer was in the room. The whole series of images are linked so that the viewer can navigate their way seamlessly throughout the property.

The best part is that these 360° virtual tours need no special equipment to view them, just a smart phone or standard browser is all that is required.

Real Estate Drone Photography & Video

Without a doubt, great aerial photos of the right property can be an invaluable sales aid, creating angles impossible with conventional photography and showing the extent of the land. Aerial video can make your home really stand out!

Combination Video Slides

A particularly effective visual sales aid is a slideshow made up of the still photos and one or two video clips. Eye catching and highly effective.