Hotel Promotion – Competitively Priced One Stop Service

Hotel promotion by DLC Photo in Chiang Mai, Thailand. There are tens of millions of tourists eagerly waiting to experience the wonders of Chiang Mai and Thailand.  Chiang Mai is a charming and interesting city, surrounded by nature and our wonderful elephants. It is brimming over with temples, spas and charming hotels, exciting restaurants and night-spots.Northern Thailand and ‘The Rose of the North’ will be high on many travellers’ bucket lists.

Visitors in a post-covid world will require new adventures and accommodations. Ones that have adapted to the new norms of social distancing and awareness.

Competition to attract these guests is going to be high.
The following services are de-signed to help you stand out from the crowd.

Virtual Reality Hotel Promotion Technology

In recent times, Virtual Reality or, VR for short, is one of the biggest trends in hospitality marketing. The Corona virus pandemic has only accelerated this exciting trend.

VR tours allow your future guests to explore a location from afar. It allows them to explore your grounds and premises with a high level of immersion.

Drone photography displays the property from the air and we can integrate this with the overall VR tour.  Clickable “hot spots” allow the viewer to view various different public areas of the property at ground level. It is a great way to present your grounds and facilities and also show off your various room types. Each area can also have clickable links to a video, your room service menu, or other useful information that displays right inside the VR tour.

  • 360° virtual walk-through tours – exciting technology viewable in a standard browser or on your phone
  • New technology makes this an affordable option
  • Perfect for hotels, wedding venues, Airbnb hosts etc.

We create the tour and seamlessly embed it in your website.

Magazine Quality Still Photography of your Hotel or Resort

Showing your properties and their facilities in the very best light is absolutely essential, whether on your own website, a travel booking website, or a brochure. Mediocre photos will loose you guests.

James honed his photography skills during 15 years as an interior designer, that is why he has a unique eye for property. James will assess the property and then work efficiently to get the photos to show it in the very best light.

  • Highly experienced property photographer
  • Property assessment
  • Efficient on-site workflow
  • Expert editing

Lifestyle, Food & Content Photography

In today’s media based world, having classy content for your social media sets you apart. James will work with your team to create exciting and eye-catching content suitable for Facebook, Instagram etc. These photos and videos differ from the usual format and will be created with phone, camera and drone to give an edgy, contemporary feel suitable for posting as if the footage was taken by a guest.

  • Social media friendly content
  • Phone, drone and camera footage
  • Creating the feel of guest created content
  • Affordable packages for regular content update