Chiang Mai Portrait Photography

Adult Chiang Mai Portrait Photography

Professional adult Chiang Mai portrait photography from ฿8,000 (Including hair & makeup)
Available in our ‘Think Wide’ Chiang Mai photo Studio or on location
See below for our baby & newborn portrait photography service

James de la Cloche – Portraiture

I am a portrait photographer living in Chiang Mai.

To me a portrait is so much more than a picture, I need to allow myself to really know my subject, personal connection is absolutely essential for great portraiture, without it the photos may be technically excellent but they are going to lack the “magic” that shines through in a great portrait photo.

My clients often tell me after a portrait session that they feel so much more confident within themselves. This is part of the magic of my portraits and it is why I love this art form so very much.

Our Chiang Mai portrait photography sessions can be in the ‘Think Wide’ studio, at an outside location, your home or office. Perhaps you have a specific idea you would like to experiment with; I love shooting new ideas.

Chiang Mai offers many wonderful outside locations and if you have a favourite place I’d love to hear about it. Perhaps we can use it for your shoot and perhaps it will suggest an idea to me.

Your one stop shop for all Chiang Mai portrait photography.

Chiang Mai Portrait Photography – FAQs

Q: Is editing included in your pricing?

A: That depends upon the style of the portraits. If you want to have a high end beauty re-touch for your skin such as the examples shown in the slides at the top of the page there will be an extra charge but if it is standard retouching, this will be included.

Q: How long does a portrait session last for?

A: A portrait session can be from 1 hour to 3 hours depending on how many outfits you wish to be photographed in, background changes, lighting etc. We can agree how long before the session and I will give you a firm price for the session before we shoot.

Q: How about hair and makeup?

A: My team is very experienced and they can work at the studio or on location. Before the session we will have discussed if you just need one look or multiple looks.


Baby & Newborn Photography Chiang Mai

New born and baby photo sessions ฿7,500

New Born and Baby Photography Chiang Mai

There is something about photographing a baby that is truly special. Of course we all think babies are cute but it is more than that. When I see a baby I see an un-written book. I wonder how the life of the little being in front of me will unfold and what the future will hold for this tiny individual. Babies are amazing!

Now, to photograph a new born baby it is best if we do this within the first two weeks because baby will generally be very sleepy during this period which makes it so much easier to wrap them up and pose them for their shots. For older babies there is no great problem but the photos will generally be different in style to the new born look.

Try to plan in advance of the shoot and buy any accessories such as woolly caps, animal outfits or baskets so that they are ready for the baby photo session. I have a bag full of cotton wraps and cloth that can also be used.

Chiang Mai Baby & Newborn Portrait Photography – FAQs

Q: Are baby photos done at the studio or our home?

A: Baby photography sessions are usually done at your home as I use natural light and it saves having to take baby out from the home environment.

Q: How long will a baby photography session last.

A: Well, I schedule 90 minutes but babies are babies so I often overrun by 30 minutes to make sure we get those great shots.

Q: How many photos should we expect from the baby session?

A: Anywhere from 100-150 shots. These will have a general edit when you receive them electronically by Dropbox and then you can select your favourite 25 images for a little extra attention where I fix any skin problems etc.

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