35mm, my favourite focal length

I was recently invited to some past client’s wedding In Hangzhou, China, followed by an overnight trip to the lovely little town of Xitang.
I am a professional photographer living and working in Chiang Mai, North Thailand. HeXiao and Xie Chien had been pre-wedding clients last year and we had all gotten on very well but, I had never expected to be invited to their wedding as a guest! Of course I was going to be taking a camera but I wasn’t needing to be on duty, so to speak.

I decided that I would take one camera and only one lens. I hate to be overburdened and I decided I would also shoot the whole trip on my fully manual Leica, Summilux 35mm f1.4. Probably the finest 35mm lens for a full frame camera. My camera, the Sony A7ii works beautifully with this lens and the addition of a Voigtlander adapter ring, also gives this amazing Leica lens the ability to become a macro. So 2-in-1 so to speak.

You may be surprised to know that even with excellent auto focus Carl Zeiss glass for the Sony, I still prefer to shoot with the amazing manual Summilux lens. 35mm coupled with a full frame camera pretty much gives the same view as your own eyes. It means you have to use your legs, it means you can’t be shy because close up means closeup.

The image up is just one of my favourites but please click the link and have a look at the gallery that I have uploaded.

Enjoy your photography!