Well, I just wanted to speak a little about the new Photo Me Sexy gallery on this website. You may be surprised to know that this is one of my favourite genres of photography. Why? Yes, of course my blood is red and I love ladies, all true but, lighting, I love lighting the human form. A long time ago I learnt the art of lighting whilst photographing a beautiful naked girl. I have to say that it is also a little like lighting a car but less reflective but, a car has bulges and indents, curves etc and it is the way the light falls on and around these that make an image a work of art as opposed to a “photo”.

I work very hard with my subjects, not just on their poses but on bringing their personality into each shot. This is the same in all of my work with people and I am sure that this element of my photography is what makes the photographs special.
I read this quote the other day;
“What we want is someone to be naked with, not just in body but in soul” – J. Iron Word
This is the truth in life but also in my photography, regardless of whether my subject is clothed or not, I want them to show me their soul.
James dlC