Chiang Mai Photography Courses – Learn Advanced Photography
Photo Me! – Photo You!

Tailored Chiang Mai Photography Courses – Learn photography from ฿10,000
If you love the photos that you see throughout this website and want to be able to take similar shots, I am here to teach you how.

Chiang Mai Photography Courses & Learning with James de La Cloche

You will be learning using a Sony A7Rii and A7Riii mirrorless full frame camera and my teaching is aimed at the keen amateur photographer.

During your training the only settings we concern ourselves with are manual – To take great shots you don’t want the camera to be deciding anything for you!

You will be able to transfer the knowledge you gain with me to your own photography.

You will receive my ‘key tips’ by email after your class so that you always have them there to remind you.

Available topics we can cover are anything you see in the pictures throughout this website.

Teaching can be just the two of us or I can arrange a model for a day.

Elephant portraiture is a specialty of mine and I can arrange a private elephant with mahout to photograph in the forest and the river which is a really amazing experience!

Photography Courses Outline

  • Designed for the keen amateur photographer
  • An easy, fun way to learn new photography skills
  • Fully equipped studio available
  • Great outdoor locations
  • All transport included
  • Take control of your camera
  • Learn to love the light
  • ‘Seeing’ your shot
  • Photo composition
  • How to edit your photos in Lightroom
  • Receive a copy of my ‘Key Tips’
  • Take your photography to a whole new level

Photo Me! – Photo You!
A unique way to learn photography
Think of it as having your own personal trainer

Teaching Methods – Chiang Mai Photography Courses

Chiang Mai Photography Course Examples

Learn Lighting With An Elephant
we traveled to a beautiful eco resort in the jungle outside the city and spent time photographing around the elephant camp as well as having our own elephant and mahout to set up specific shots. We also covered slow shutter speed photography of a waterfall.

Portrait Photography Using Your Partner As The Subject
If your partner loves having their photograph taken this is a superb way to learn as you will be sure to capture some fabulous portraits during the day. I will also include the ones I take when demonstrating the techniques to you. The Royal Park Rajapruek is a great venue.

Studio Portraits With a Model
I created classes with a model in traditional costume and a bikini model. If you want to know how to use studio lighting this is a great way to do it.

Learn Around The Resort
When you have booked a beautiful resort it can be the ideal teaching venue

Learn Photography in Chiang Mai

Every class in my Chiang Mai photography courses is tailored to your specific requirements. Before we actually meet we will have discussed by email or Skype the areas in your photography that you feel you want to work on.

From there I will put a unique, tailor made program together just for you.

I keep things as simple as possible and the emphasis is very much on taking photos rather than theory although we will spend time discussing the basic principles of my style before we start shooting.

By continually setting up shots with you in different situations it won’t be long before you start to naturally apply everything I show you in your own photography.

Photography Courses – FAQs

Q: Can I use my own camera?
A: Of course you may bring your camera, however, I will be using my cameras to teach you with. We can then mimic the settings on your own camera.

Q: Do I get to keep the photos from the day?
A: Yes, you will get all the photos as well as the photos I take to demonstrate.

Q: What tips do you send in the email?
A: You will receive reminders about camera settings, composition and workflow for editing.

Q: Where do we do the editing?
A: That very much depends upon where the lesson takes us but usually we will find a quiet spot in a cafe or the like and I will show you my processes on my laptop.

Q: What if I don’t have Lightroom?
A: Lightroom is the program that I use to import, catalog and do most of my editing. You may want to consider downloading a trial of the program before we meet although this is not essential as we will be using my laptop for this part of the lesson.

Q: How does a typical day pan out?
A: The first part of the day will always be spent talking about my basic principals of photography, familiarizing you with the camera and answering any questions that you have. A note book is always advised to take down key points.

Q: How many hours?
A: That will be a little dependent upon our main location for photography  but usually we aim for around 8 hours. As each program is customised to the individuals requirements it is imposes to give a single answer.

Q: Can I do just half a day?
A: I am always happy to try and accommodate special requests.

Q: Can I ask to photograph at a specific location such as Phu Chi Fha for landscape photography?
A: Yes, and in fact I am happy to put together a program over several days.

Please contact us for further information about our Chiang Mai photography courses