Chiang Mai Family Photography

Because Chiang Mai has so much to offer by way of nature and beautiful temples, I am never at a loss as to where to shoot family portraits. Close to the city there are beautiful natural surroundings. Doi Suthep is a great location for Chiang Mai family photography. It has streams, pools and fabulous views of the city. Even closer is the Huay Kaew arboretum. This is another great place, especially if an easier location is required or you don’t want to travel very far. A temple such as Wat Ched Yod is also a wonderful location with stunning, historic backgrounds. We can go further out of the city and discover waterfalls, mountains, jungles and elephants.

So you see I always have somewhere wonderful to take you for your family and group portraits. Why not consider the Royal Flora Ratchaprueak park if mobility is an issue? Here there are so many fabulous backgrounds and you have the added convenience of being able to hire an electric golf cart to get around. Great for extended families with aging parents and grandparents. Depending on ages even a walk around a particular area of the city, such as Thapae Gate, can produce wonderful results.

Custom Chiang Mai Family Photo Shoots

I have lived in Chiang Mai for more than 6 years and I am therefore very familiar with all the wonderful treasures the surrounding areas have to offer. I love to put together customized packages that are also tailored for my clients.  Of course, I can always meet you at a per-arranged location but why not let me provide the transportation so that we can get to know each other on the drive to the portrait shoot location?

For me, a family photo shoot is always different from a normal portrait shoot as we are dealing with more than one or two people. It doesn’t matter if the family in question has young children or is a group of middle age to octogenarians, by the very fact there are more than two to arrange, the shoot will be different.

Chiang Mai family photography

Studio Photography

Our studio is the perfect place for when you want classic, plain background images of the family.  From individual to full family shots, DLC Photo know exactly how to work with you to get the best photos possible.

Why not also update your social media profile shots whilst you are there?

Studio photos can be a lot of fun. You will find that you will relax and have a great deal of fun during your Chiang Mai family photography studio shoot.

We recommend round one and a half hours for family studio portraits. Please ask if you would like hair and makeup, which can be provided as part of the service.

Chiang Mai baby portraits

Baby & Toddler Portraits In The Studio

Babies and toddlers are a challenge to photograph. We are well aware that children have their own ideas when it comes to being put in front of studio lights and cameras.

With babies it is especially important to work with their natural rhythm. With newborns, to get the cutest shots, you should try to bring your baby to the studio within the first two weeks of birth. This is ideal as they are much easier to work with at that time. For older babies you will know their sleep patterns. We will work with you to find the best time of day for the shoot. Normally we get the best photos whilst your baby is sleeping. We will then get some more shots once your baby is awake and has just been fed. Full baby equals happy baby!

Props For Baby Portraits

At the studio we have a box of coloured wraps that can be used free of charge. However we can work with you to create a themed shoot for something completely out of the ordinary. Please email us with your ideas and then we can work with you to create something outstanding.

Chiang Mai family photography

Family Portraits From The Heart

After many years as a professional photographer I know that the origin of any great photo is the connection between the photographer and the client.  This is why I say that every great photo starts from the heart. I therefore like to find a little extra time to get to know each other. If we are providing transport we can have a chat on the way to the locations. Otherwise I like to make time for a little chat before our photo shoot. Our Chiang Mai family photography service is an opportunity not to be missed. You will take away lasting memories in the form of a selection of fabulous photos. We will provide them at a suitable size for printing and mounting for display. Alternatively you will be able to post them to your social media to share with your friends.

I am really looking forward to a family shoot with you. Please complete the form and let me know when you are in Chiang Mai and the locations that you prefer. If you have a baby in your group you should mention that. It is also useful to know the size of your group.


    Please be aware that unless you specifically inform me otherwise I may use some of the photos to demonstrate my work on this website and in other marketing channels on the web.